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The Restaurant at Bobsleigh Track – Prague, located on the top of the Bobsleigh Track is a family restaurant with tasty food and an extensive menu including pizzas, salads, grilled specialties, plus vegetarian meals; a friendly atmosphere, wonderful views of Prague, and an attractive natural setting as it is situated between the Machalka Vineyard and surrounding forests. The total capacity of the restaurant is 240, making it a perfect location for family parties, children’s parties, chilren’s birthday celebrations, company parties (the restaurant offers catering services and space for firm meetings, presentations and teambuilding, plus free Wi-Fi), or just a get together with friends. The restaurant offers a summer terrace where you can taste grilled meats, vegetables and more, a garden, an indoor restaurant with kid corner, a playground for the kiddies, a baby room for feeding, changing and warming children’s food, the longest rope slide in the Czech Republic, and of course, the bobsleigh track!

Order your favourite meal 48 hours beforehand and we´ll be pleased to make it for you…

Order your meal 48 hours beforehands and we will be pleased to make it dor you. Great for special occasions, celebrations, meetings etc.

300g Grilled Flank steak served with french fries, pepper sauce and Ajvar dressing 395 CZK
1200g Roast pork knee with mustard and fresh horseradish, home made bread, calculated for 2 persons 279 CZK
300g Beef tartar with toast, calculated for 2 persons 290 CZK


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Bobsleigh track and restaurant in Prague
Prosecka street, Nr. 36
Phone: +420 284 840 524
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