The Restaurant at Bobsleigh Track – Prague, located on the top of the Bobsleigh Track is a family restaurant with tasty food and an extensive menu including pizzas, salads, grilled specialties, plus vegetarian meals; a friendly atmosphere, wonderful views of Prague, and an attractive natural setting as it is situated between the Machalka Vineyard and surrounding forests. The total capacity of the restaurant is 240, making it a perfect location for family parties, children’s parties (a theme party-Treasure Search is offered and can be based around the theme of Pirates, Cowboys and Indians and much more.), chilren’s birthday celebrations (with an extended offer of originally-shaped birthday cakes which your children will surely just love), company parties (the restaurant offers catering services and space for firm meetings, presentations and teambuilding, plus free Wi-Fi), or just a get together with friends. The restaurant offers a summer terrace where you can taste grilled meats, vegetables and more, a garden, an indoor restaurant with kid corner, a playground for the kiddies, a baby room for feeding, changing and warming children’s food, the longest rope slide in the Czech Republic, and of course, the bobsleigh track!

Coffee (All coffee can be prepared caffeine free)
Espresso, Classic strong espresso 7g 42 CZK
Espresso lungo 42 CZK
Espresso macchiato, Strong Espresso with milk foam 42 CZK
Caffe latte, Espresso with hot milk and milk foam 50 CZK
Flavoured caffe latte – banana, caramel, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, coconut 60 CZK
Cappuccino, Espresso with hot milk and milk foam 45 CZK
Wiener caffe, Espresso with whipped cream 50 CZK
Algeria caffe, Espresso with egg liquer and whipped cream 50 CZK
Ice caffe, Espresso with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate 60 CZK
Caffe frappe, Foamy coffee with milk and brown sugar, ask for flavoured 50 CZK
Hot drinks
Tea, selection of black and fruit tea Pickwick 32 CZK
Fresh mint tea 45 CZK
Fresh ginger tea 45 CZK
Hot chocolate with whipped cream 50 CZK
Hot chocolate with rum, served with cream and chocolate toping 60 CZK
Mulled wine 45 CZK
Hot czech rum with water 39 CZK
Hot cherry liquer with water 39 CZK
Hot apple with cinnamon 39 CZK
Creamy iced drinks
Vanilla milkshake, vanilla ice cream, milk, cream, topping 60 CZK
Fruit milkshake, fruit ice cream, milk, cream, topping 60 CZK
Mattoni 0,33l, sparkling, gently sparkling 33 CZK
Aquila 0,33l, still 33 CZK
Cappy 0,3l orange, apple, multivitamin 30 CZK
Bravo 0,2l – 16 kinds of high quality juices 40 CZK
Jupik for children 0,33l 25 CZK
Soft drinks
Coca-cola 0,3l 33 CZK
Coca-cola light 0,3l 33 CZK
Fanta 0,3l 33 CZK
Sprite 0,3l 33 CZK
Tonic 0,3l 33 CZK
Nestea 0,5l – lemon, peach, green 45 CZK
Aloe Vera pet 0,5l 55 CZK
Red Bull 0,25l 70 CZK
Ginger Ale – Canada dry 0,25l 70 CZK
Non alcoholic cocktails
Mojito virgin 69 CZK
Mangolade virgin 69 CZK
Aperol Spritz 99 CZK
Mojito mango, raspberry, strawberry 99 CZK
Cuba libre Morgan spiced, cola, lime 79 CZK
High Society 99 CZK
Sex on the Beach 99 CZK
Pina Colada 99 CZK
Martini dry 0,1l 55 CZK
Martini bianco 0,1l 55 CZK
Campari bitter 0,1l 80 CZK
Aperol 0,1l 80 CZK
Beer – Pilsner Urquell Brewery
  0,3l 0,5l
Gambrinus 10° 22 CZK 32 CZK
Velkopopovicky Kozel 11° 24 CZK 34 CZK
Pilsner Urquell 12° 28 CZK 44 CZK
Radegast Birell non alcoholic beer 22 CZK 32 CZK
Beer – bottled
Velkopopovicky kozel dark beer 0,33l 35 CZK
Radegast Birell – non alcoholic beer 0,33l 35 CZK
Pilsner Urquell 12° – bottle 0,33l 40 CZK
Kingswood 0,33l 45 CZK
Spirits etc.
Vodka Absolut, Finlandia 60 CZK
Vodka Ruskyi Standard 60 CZK
Vodka Amundsen 45 CZK
Gin Beefeater 50 CZK
Tequila Sierra silver/gold 65 CZK
Slivovitz 45 CZK
Cherry brandy 45 CZK
Pear brandy 45 CZK
“Zelena” Green Pepermint 45 CZK
Fernet stock classic / lemon 45 CZK
Becherovka 45 CZK
Jägermeister 60 CZK
Berentzen apple 45 CZK
Carolans 50 CZK
Malibu 60 CZK
Egg Liquer 25 CZK
Absinth Hills 50 CZK
Kahlua 45 CZK
Havana club 3 y.o. 60 CZK
Bacardi Carta Blanca 60 CZK
Captain Morgan Spiced 60 CZK
Rum Legendario Elixir de Cuba 70 CZK
Malteco 10 y.o. 90 CZK
Rum Cortez 60 CZK
Cachaca 60 CZK
Zacapa 23 aňos 140 CZK
Plantation XO 140 CZK
Rum – czech product 35 CZK
Metaxa ***** 60 CZK
Metaxa ******* 70 CZK
Johnnie Walker Red Label 60 CZK
Johnnie Walker Black Label 80 CZK
Chivas Regal 90 CZK
Ballantines 60 CZK
Jameson 60 CZK
Tullamore Dew 60 CZK
Jim Beam 60 CZK
Jack Daniels 70 CZK
Martell V.S.O.P. 150 CZK
Wine by glass
  0,1l Carafe 0,5l
Verdejo, Bodegas Monte La Reina, Spain 24 CZK 110 CZK
Tempranillo, Bodegas Monte La Reina, Spain 24 CZK 110 CZK
Sparkling wine
Bohemia sekt 0,1 demi sec, brut 60 CZK
Bohemia sekt 0,75 demi sec, brut 330 CZK
Prosecco 0,75 l, Ca´di Rajo D.O.C., Italy 330 CZK
White wines
Rulandske sede, Moravia, Znovin Znojmo Winery 210 CZK
Chardonnay, Chateau Bzenec 190 CZK
Veltlinske zelene, late harvest, Moravino, Valtice 290 CZK
Ryzlink rynsky, late harvest, Sedlak winery, Velke Bilovice 330 CZK
Palava 0,5l, grape selection, Znovin Znojmo Winery 330 CZK
Pinot Grigio, Arnaces Veneto, Italy 290 CZK
Chardonnay, winery Villa Roca, Italy 260 CZK
Sauvignon, Ca´di Rajo winery, Italy 260 CZK
Sauvignon Blanc, Fontesole winery, France 260 CZK
Riesling Dry, Louis Guntrum winery, Germany 330 CZK
Grüner Veltliner Exklusive, Blaha winery, Austria 290 CZK
Red wines
Modry Portugal, Chateau Bzenec 190 CZK
Merlot, Chateau Valtice 210 CZK
Malbec, Los Cardos winery Mendoza, Argentina 260 CZK
Cabernet Sauvignon, Ca´di Rajo winery, Italy 260 CZK
Merlot, Fontesole winery, Frane 260 CZK
Zweigelt Selection, Blaha winery, Austria 290 CZK
Frankovka, late harvest barrique, Moravino Valtice 330 CZK


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Bobsleigh track and restaurant in Prague
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Phone: +420 284 840 524
Web pages: www.restaurace-bobovka.cz
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