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Reservations, area closed to the public

Kuoni, 65 persons

2018-10-05, from 12:00 until 22:00

Reservations, area opened to the public

Šubrtová, 9 persons

2018-09-24, from 18:30 until 23:00

Amazon, 30 persons

2018-09-26, from 17:00 until 23:00

REST - restaurant 20 places, ZZ - winter garden 40 places, T - terrace 100 paces, LZ - summer garden 80 places total capacity 240 places.
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2018-10-04, from 18:00 until 23:00

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Bobsleigh Track Prague – what the others write abou us….

If you are searching for fun and adrenalin look no further than the Bobsleigh Track! Located a bit off the beaten path in the Prague area of Prosek, the Bobsleigh Track is the perfect place for a fun outing with children and adults alike. The track is 1 km long and features dips, loops and other attractions, it is also possible to ride at night thanks to special track lighting (the night panorama of Prague is gorgeous). This safe attraction can be enjoyed by persons of all ages, children under 8 are able to ride alone, while younger children can accompany adults as each trolley or bobsled features two seats. The speed of the trolley depends on your choice, as it is possible to adjust the speed using the break lever if you wish to go slower; on the other hand you can reach up to 62km per hour if you feel the need for speed. A lift is located at the bottom of the track to take you back up to the top where you can start all over again or stop and have refreshments, a snack or a full meal at the Restaurant at Bobsleigh Track – Prague, which boasts a terrace overlooking the city.
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The Bobsleigh restaurant, Prague attraction

The Bobsleigh restaurant, part of the bobsleigh area, is only few minutes from the busy city centre but surrounded by an oasis of green and quiet. Here, between the Machalka vinyard and natural forests, you can meet with your friends, family, colleagues or clients and taste fresh food from our expansive menu, and also view the sights of Prague and the bobsleigh. Come to visit one of the best atraction in Prague!

Total capacity up to 240 people
Summer garden 80 people
Summer terracce 100 people
Restaurant with conservatory 60 people

Bobsleigh and restaurant are open the whole year!

Summer garden

On the summer terrace, you can taste food grilled over charcoal, an inseparable part of our bobsleigh restaurant. Our experienced chefs prepare many different types of meat, vegetables and vegetarian delights according to your taste. See our summer barbecue menu.

Our outdoor seating area is protected from all extremes of climate, rain or shine.

Summer terrace

Our terrace has a view of Prague, bob-sleighers, and any adrenaline junkies on our rope centre. In the summer of 2009 we also offer an outside bar delivering your favourite drinks to you. Our summer terrace holds our children’s centre and slide for smallest visitors.

Meetings, Presentations, Teambuilding

We offer catering services and space for firm meetings, presentations and teambuilding.

WIFI – free internet connection

From May 2009 we offer free wifi for our guests to connect to the internet.

Children’s parties

We offer a themed party for your children – Treasure Search. In cooperation with actors, the search can be based around any theme:-Pirates, Cowboys and Indians, etc. We also work with a professional animation company and with the puppet theatre“Divadlo Mráz po zádech” . We will do our best to match your wishes.

We also offer children’s menus and many decorated cakes for birthdays and parties. Please see our children menu and children and birthday party cake offer.

Baby room

We have a specially prepared room for mothers and babies for feeding, changing and warming children’s food. We also have bibs, potties and baby chairs for your use in the restaurant. You can also buy baby food and fruit snacks from the bar.

Our smaller guests can use colourful plastic cups and plates, and pencils and toys are available for use in the kids corner.

Kids Playground

There is a slide, swings and a climbing wall at the bobsled for your children.

Longest Rope Slide in the Czech Republic

For any lovers of adrenaline sports ,from April 2007, we have the longest rope slide in the Czech Republic. In the summer season, it is available every weekend.

Imagine two towers joined by 180 m of rope, with a 45 m drop. Fly down the hill at enormous speeds, six metres above the ground.

If this in not enough, you can test your abilities on our rope park, supervised of course by experienced mountain climbers.

If you have the courage, come and try it.

Bobsleigh track, the best Prague attraction for kids

In 2003 we opened the first, and only bobsled track in Prague. We celebrated our fifth birthday in 2008, and in this time have welcomed over one million visitors.

Come and try our bobsled track, either shooting down at a speed of 62 km/hr or attempt a gentler pace. You yourself control the speed of your sleigh, and in case you loose your grip of the brake lever, the cart automatically slows down.

Don’t be afraid to visit the bobsleigh with smaller children. Thanks to the automatic brake, children as young as eight are able to take the run alone. Because the cart is great for two people, the smallest or gentlest temperement are catered for.

The bobsleigh track is more than 800 m long, with some great features. After passing the finish line, you do not need to carry the cart back up the hill!, There is a lift that carries you back to the restaurant area where you can either begin again, or simply sit back, refresh yourself and enjoy the views over Prague and the local forests and vinyard. Perhaps you would like to try our floodlit evening rides?

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Bobsleigh track and restaurant in Prague
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